The cous cous is a typical dish of North Africa, now widespread in Italy, particularly in Sicily, but also in the whole world. It has a thousand-year history comparable almost to that of bread and rice. The most common cous cous is the one with vegetables. Here we propose a revisitation of this classic recipe with the addition of all the delicious taste of the Olive Nocellara del Belice Dop. A nutritious and tasty first course, rich in flavors and colors.

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Finely chop the onion, courgettes and carrots into squares after cleaning and washing them. Meanwhile, brown the chicken in small pieces in a frying pan with a drizzle of oil, add the vegetables and the Nocellara del Belice Black Olives, toss so that the vegetables remain crispy.
Separately take the couscous and pour it into a bowl, weigh as much water as the couscous, after boiling the water, pour in the bowl a little at a time and stir the couscous, add the curry and then the curcuma stirring again for two minutes.
Add the couscous mixture to the vegetables, chicken and Nocellara del Bellice Black Olives, mix everything together. The dish can be served either hot or cold.

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