The exquisite Olives Itrana (or Gaeta) are the main ingredient of this first course. Tuna, tomatoes and Itrana Olives are very well suited to each other, generating a riot of flavors. In addition, with the addition of zucchini, we give a touch of speciality to the dish.

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Pasta Dishes


Spaghetti Black Itrana del Lazio Olives Tuna fillets Extra virgin olive oil to taste White wine Pachino tomatoes Courgettes Garlic clove Salt to taste Pepper to taste Parsley to taste
400 g 100 g 180 g enough 1/2 glass 8 2 1 enough enough enough


In a frying pan, brown a clove of garlic with its skin with the extra virgin olive oil, a part of the Black Itrana Olives whole and some cut into pieces. Leave to fry for 2 minutes and then remove the garlic.
Add the tomatoes and courgettes cut into julienne. Add half a glass of white wine and let it cook for a few minutes. Now add the tuna fillets, and cook over low flame for 15 minutes.
In a saucepan with boiling and salted water, cook 500 g of spaghetti. 3/4 of the way through cooking, drain the pasta and finish cooking in the frying pan with the sauce. Finally add the parsley. Serve hot in a serving dish.

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