Tripe is a very old dish of the traditional poor cuisine of central Italy. In this recipe, rich in protein, we present it with legumes and delicious Leccino Olives, for a tasty and nutritious second course.

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Second Courses


Pre-cooked Tripe Mixed legumes Black Leccino Olives Carrot Stick Celery Pachino tomatoes Garlic clove Sprig Rosemary Extra virgin olive oil to taste Salt to taste
500 g 300 g 150 g 1 1 150 g 1 1 enough enough


Soak the legumes overnight in the cold water. Place them in a pan, cover them with fresh cold water and cook for about forty minutes. Drain and keep the cooking water.
Take the pre-cooked tripe and wash it well under running water and cut it into thin strips. In a saucepan put four tablespoons of oil, a garlic clove, rosemary and chopped carrot, celery and onion. Remove the garlic when it is golden, add the tripe, and brown it for a few minutes.
Add the boiled legumes, the spicy Leccino d'Abruzzo Olives, the Pachino tomatoes and a little of the cooking water of the legumes. Cook for a further 10/15 minutes and salt. Place the soup in a serving dish and finish by adding a drizzle of oil.

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