The brownies are American sweets (biscuits) whose main ingredient is the ciccolato. They are eaten often accompanied by a coffee, an ice cream or a warm milk. In this recipe the brownies are served with the delicious Castelvetrano Black Olives dried in the oven that give the dessert uniqueness and peculiarity of taste.

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Brownies are very simple chocolate cakes of American origins. Chop the chocolate and let it melt in a bain-marie with the oil. When melted add the cocoa and remove from the heat. Whisk the eggs with cane sugar, add melted chocolate, sifted flour, the pitted olives and a pinch of salt. Heat the oven to 180°. Take a baking sheet, lined with oven paper and greased, pour the mixture into the baking sheet distributing it evenly. Sprinkle with little salt and bake for 30 minutes. Leave to cool, and then with the help of a circular cutter, make the shapes.
Meanwhile, on a low-medium heat, melt the white sugar in a pan with a heavy bottom. When the sugar is browned add a teaspoon of salt and remove from the heat. Add the cream warmed in the microwave for a few minutes a little at a time. Stir the mixture and, if necessary, cook again for a few minutes on a low flame. Allow to cool and serve with the brownies.
Divide the circumference into two parts, sprinkle with the icing sugar, and place the salted caramel on a plate with a spoon adding the brownies vertically, add the Roasted Black Castelvetrano Olives and decorate with grated chocolate and icing sugar.

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